How to decide which language to learn


There are so many options when deciding which language to learn that it can seem a little overwhelming. Other than your personal preference there are some other important things to consider. For example what is your reason for learning a language? Which languages are easiest to learn for someone who speaks your native tongue? Is there a widely spoken second language in the country you live? What is your learning style? How much time do you have to study? Here are some helpful facts about French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, from the perspective of a native English speaker:



How many speakers: 128 million

Level of difficulty: Easy

Official Language in: 15 countries

ŸFrench is one of the official working languages of: The UN, WHO, WTO, NATO, International Red Cross and Red Crescent, European Commission, Amnesty International, African Union

French is the second most frequently nbso used language on the Internet


How many speakers: 329 million

Level of difficulty: Easy

Official language in: 21 countries

ŸMost words in Spanish can be pronounced as they are spelled

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world


How many speakers: 221 million

Level of difficulty: Hard

Official language in: 22 countries

ŸThere is a high need for Arabic speakers in the Western world

ŸSpeaking Arabic gives you insight into a culture completely different from western culture


How many speakers: 1,213 million

Level of difficulty: Hard

ŸOfficial language in: 6 countries

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world

ŸIn spoken Chinese the grammar is surprisingly simple


How many speakers: 144 million

ŸLevel of difficulty: Medium

Official language in: 6 countries

ŸRussian classical literature is world famous

Russia is a fascinating country to visit


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