What's the best way to learn a language?

I love learning languages. From studying French and German at school and university in the UK, to my current efforts to learn Arabic whilst living in the Middle East. Language learning can be really enjoyable but also incredibly frustrating, depending on how you go about it. Some ways are definitely more effective than others!

Academic Study

In the UK, the first experience people have of learning a foreign language is usually studying French or Spanish at school. Typically the approach is from an academic perspective in terms of mastering as much grammar and memorizing as much vocabulary as possible. There is nothing wrong with studying grammar; the problem comes when it is prioritized over developing speaking and listening skills. It can also make the learning process unnecessarily dull.

Teach Yourself

Another way of studying a language is to buy a ‘teach yourself course’. There are some really helpful CDs and books to get you started in picking up a new language. However, it does require a lot of self-discipline to study consistently and regularly enough to move forward.

Full Immersion

Spending time in a country where the language you are trying to learn is the native tongue can be a really effective. Being constantly surrounded by the language helps you tune in to the new sounds and words. If you have lessons at the same time online casino and make sure you practice with locals this is the quickest and most enjoyable way of studying. By being immersed in the culture you also gain a context for your new dialect.

Language Swap

As its not always possible to spend an extended period of time overseas, an easier way of practicing a language is to find a native speaker in your own country and set up a ‘language swap’. This is a great way to make a new friend and help them with their language learning while at the same time learning from a native speaker. As the emphasis would be on speaking it is a lot more interesting than studying grammar!

Of course everyone has his or her preferred learning style. What works for one person may not work for another. For me, the most effective way has been living overseas and having one-on-one tuition. The important thing is to work out what works best for you in order to be successful in your language study.

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