5 reasons to learn a foreign language

1. It will expand your worldview

Through studying a foreign language you get to experience a different culture and way of life. You learn about how different groups of people see the world and express themselves. It expands your view of a culture from how you see it represented on the news to how it actually is. Experiencing a foreign culture helps you recognize the good and bad parts of your own culture.

2. It builds bridges between you and other people

Through speaking someone else’s native tongue you can communicate with them on a deeper level than if you expect them to speak your own language.  Through being able to communicate with people, a different country and culture is no longer strange or scary but a place you see through the eyes of your new friend. This is casino spiele a valuable contribution you can make towards cross-cultural understanding and international relations.

3. It will improve your career prospects

So many companies nowadays really value employees who can speak another language. Working internationally is online casino very common and an employee who can increase ease of communication is a definite asset. Being able to converse in another language also gives you understanding of another culture. This goes a long way to avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring your company deals appropriately with international clients and partners.

4. It’s enjoyable

Learning to express yourself in a new language is incredibly satisfying. From the first time you learn how to greet somebody, to having a simple conversation without using your native language at all, it makes the hard work worth it! When you get to the point where you can talk about more complicated topics you feel a real sense of achievement.

5. It makes travelling easier

Let’s say you decide to learn French because you love going to France on holiday. Once you have mastered the basics, it will make your trips to France so much easier! Asking someone for directions or reading a menu in a restaurant are no longer a daunting challenge! It also adds a relational aspect to your holiday, as you would be more likely to make friends with a local. This always makes your cross-cultural experience more interesting and enjoyable.

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