Awesome App Features!

  • Learn Any Language

    Lango is a one of a kind language app in that you can study any language and any dialect you want!

  • Learn Anywhere

    Not having fun in your language classes? Neither were we. Lango is created with cultural interaction in mind. Get out there and see what you can learn on the street!

  • Let’s Save the World…

    or at least its languages. We’ve created a tool that helps you capture, learn, and save languages for future generations. Celebrate diversity, save a language!

  • Compete With Friends

    Have some friends learning the same language? See who can work harder, learn more, and score higher!

  • Help Other Learners

    We’re all experts in a language, our native language. Lango doesn’t just allow you to learn other languages, it also allows you to teach others your own. Spread a language!

  • Capture Language

    Ever hear a word one night and forget it by the morning? With Lango, growing your language log is quick and easy. No more notepads or mp3 recorders!

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